Paper Presentation


1.   Presentant presents a case report or a research result in a PowerPoint with a duration of 15 minutes, followed by discussion session with panelists led by moderator, according to the schedule set by the committee.

2.     Presentant must choose one topic as follow:

a. Neuroanesthesia

b. Critical Care

c. Cardiovascular & Thoracic

d. Pain Management

e. Obstetric

f. Pediatric

g. Regional

h. Emergency

i. Trauma

3.     As a registration and to get a time slot for presentation (first come first served), presentant must send an email to [email protected] before July 16th 2021 and must follow the instructions below:

a.       Write on the email:

ü  Topic

ü  Title of the Paper

ü  Name of Presentant and Supervisor (full name and title)

ü  Name of Department and Institution

ü  Contact Number and Email

b.       Attach to the email:

ü  Fulltext of the manuscript (.pdf), written according to the manuscript guidelines

ü  PowerPoint of the presentation (.pptx), maximum 10 MB



General Text Guidelines 1) Manuscript must be an original composition; 2) Manuscripts must have never been published before and only addressed to the committee; 3)The copyright of all contents of the published manuscripts is transferred to the committee ; 4) All statements in the manuscript are under the responsibility of the author; 5) Manuscripts are written in accordance with applicable Indonesian language rules; 6) All medical terms written in standard Indonesian terms wherever possible.


Form Of The Text :

·       The manuscript is typed in Arial 11 letter, 1.5 spaces, 2.5 cm apart between the edges of the paper, A4 paper size (210 x 297 mm).

·       The manuscript of a research result should not exceed 20 pages and for the case report should not exceed 15 pages.


Completeness Of The Text :

·       The manuscript (.pdf) is submitted to [email protected] before July 16th 2021.

·       Manuscripts are arranged in the following order: 1) title and author; 2) abstract and keywords (Indonesian and English); 3) contents; 4) bibliography; 5) tables and pictures (with information).

·       Authors should also keep copies of all the manuscripts.


Title And Author

·       The title of the manuscript is written briefly and does not use abbreviations, not more than 14 words.

·       The author's name is written complete with academic degree, name of department and institution.


Abstract And Keywords

·      Abstract is written in the form of a paragraph accompanied by 5 keywords, in Indonesian and English.

·   The abstract of a research result is written in no more than 250 words containing: 1) the main introduction; 2) subjects and methods; 3) most important results; 4) main conclusions.

·     The abstract of a case report is written in no more than 200 words containing: 1) an overview of the case; 2) management / therapy; 3) successful / failure of management.


Content Of The Text

·       The contents of a research paper: 1) introduction; 2) method; 3) results and discussion; 4) conclusions and suggestions.

·       The contents of a case report: 1) introduction; 2) case; 3) discussion; 4) conclusion.

1)    Introduction: Definition / meaning or limitation of the topic raised (background, uniqueness or specificity so as to choose the case, the purpose of the case to be reported, brief but clear).

2)    Case: a) Full identity of the pseudonym; b) History, physical examination, supporting examination, assessment; c) Management; d) Observation of management, result of management (successful / failure);  e) Brief and complete, mainly displayed data that corresponds to the case problem.

3)    Discussion: a)  Discuss diagnosis and case management; b)  Discuss the gap between the theory and the actual that is related to the result of management (successful / failure), difficulty, whether or not it is in accordance with the theory, compare it with other literature or other theories.

4)     Conclusion: Summarizing the results of the discussion, including suggestions that need to be put forward.

·       Unusual abbreviations and footnotes are not permitted.

·       Inclusion of bibliography numbers, figure numbers and tables are arranged according to the order in which they appear in the text.

·       Use Arabic numerals written in superscript to refer to the bibliography.


Tables And Pictures

·    Tables and figures are presented in separate sheets and the location has been stated in the text.

·     Each table is numbered and a title is placed on the table.

·     Each abbreviation in the table is annotated in the form of a footnote under the table.

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