Symposium Program

15th INA-SNACC, 7th Joint Symposium of NACC Indonesia-Singapore, and 6th Biennial Symposium of Anesthesia Complication in Broader Perspective

The Purpose of this Symposium is to train medical doctor in Anesthesia, Emergency, Neuroanesthesia and Critical Care Complication. To do so, we will provide workshop framework which will consist of skill training, to equip the participants with the skills they need for the workshop and general work.

The expanded programmers will create an environment for informal discussions amongst medical doctors from different background, external relations an invited experts. All of whom will be able to exchange experience and ideas. Different languages and cultures will interact, resulting in the building of a certain level of tolerance and international understanding, together with the breakdown of barriers and the establishment of new contacts. The hallways and corridors will bubble with exuberance and innovation.


In two days Symposium and 2 days pre symposium workshop, approximately 400 medical doctors will attend multiple training programmers. The programmers will consist of explanatory lectures, discussions with experts in the field of basic Anesthesiology, Neuroanesthesia, Emergency, and Critical care.


Our mission is to offer future current physicians in Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy a comprehensive knowledge to Anesthesia, Emergency, and Intensive Care issues, especially in neuroanesthesia and critical care. Through our programming and opportunities, we develop culturally sensitive programmer in Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy intent on influencing the trans national in equalities that shape the health of our region. The INA-SNACC 15th, Joint Symposium of NACC Indonesia-Singapore 7th and SOAC 6th Biennial Symposium gives the opportunity to share the energy, creativity and enthusiasm generated by the various activities with a variety of medical culture internationally.